More molecular simulations

By 2014-01-20 Molecular

These are a series of further technical experiments to examine molecular dynamics.

1) A red particle moves randomly among a large number of blue particles. The path that it generates is traced in green.

2) Visualization of collisions between the red particle and the environment. Collisions cause the blue particles to turn green, then fade to dark blue. It is interesting to see how many encounters happen in a small amount of time.

3) Highlighting the first collision between the red particle and each of the green particles. Each of these experiments so far includes a turbulence field helping drive the random motion.

4) The high resolution meshes of molecules are driven by lower resolution proxies used to detect collisions.

5) In this experiment, there is no external turbulence force. The only changes in motion/trajectory are driven by collisions (100% elastic and with zero friction).

6) Finally, an experiment intended to look at the technical requirements for particles with internal animation. The animation and shape do not influence the collisions or trajectories.

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