VizBi 2016 Workshop

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VizBi 2016 took place in the beautiful German city of Heidelberg.

The “Best practices for visual storytelling in science” workshop was a great success, with 18 participants and three instructors (Gaël, Jodie, and Stuart). After discussing the challenges of visual storytelling at the molecular scale, design principles, cinematography, and storyboarding techniques, the participants embraced the task of creating storyboards to communicate a section of a signalling pathway.

Andrea and Stuart created resources to assist in the storyboarding exercise. A simple illustrated view of the pathway provided context and an overall understanding of the science. The participants used a supplied character sheet to assist with the sketching process.

We set up a custom projection system so that the individual groups of 3-4 people could share their work with everyone.

We concluded with a presentation of the molecular visualization principles. This, along with the storyboarding process itself, stimulated some excellent discussion.

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