2016 SciVis Retreat

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Science Visualization Retreat

May 17-18 marked the inaugural ScienceVis Lab retreat. We headed north for some much needed headspace and fresh air. Our agenda included a discussion of the potential advantages and pitfalls of animation and novel interactive technologies for supporting learning in life sciences, some ideas for future studies, and a primer on stargazing courtesy of Michael Corrin.

Upcoming VizBi Molecular Visualization Workshop

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A series of image slices showing various colorful molecules, including DNA, a ribosome, and an actin filament

Gaël McGill, Stuart Jantzen, & Jodie Jenkinson will be giving a workshop at the upcoming VizBi (Visualizing Biological Data) meeting in Heidelberg, Germany on March 8, 2016. The workshop is titled “Best practices for visual storytelling in science” and will be composed of three parts.

In the first section, an introduction to design principles for visual communication will be discussed, with specific examples tied to biological visualization. The second section will explore a number of visualization guidelines that relate to molecular behaviours and cellular environments. These guidelines are exemplified by the paired visualization examples that we have been developing. The final section will involve a group discussion and collaborative iteration on a storyboard treatment that we will provide. Combining the design principles and guidelines introduced in the first and second parts of the workshop, attendees will explore solutions to the storytelling challenges inherent in the accurate depiction of molecular scale phenomena.

Registration for the conference and workshops can be found through this link. We hope to see you there!


Interview with SimplyMaya

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I had the privilege of being interviewed by SimplyMaya, an online forum, about what it is like to study at a medical illustration/animation school. I shared some of my experiences going through the BMC program and what was involved in creating my Master’s Research Project. Click the image below for the full interview.

Studying for Scientific Visualization


Site Launch

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Welcome to our site! We will be posting current and past projects related to our work in Science Visualization, accessible from the front page. You can view our About Us page to see who we are, what we do, and where we are located. Finally, check back often for snippets we will share about visualization experiments, news, and updates on ongoing projects. You can view our contact information at the bottom of each page or on the About Us page.