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Visualizing Different Models for Protein Binding and Interactions


Ariadna Pomada Villalbi (MScBMC Student)

Jodie Jenkinson (Supervisor)

Michael Corrin (Committee Member)

Gaƫl McGill (Committee Member)

Susan Keen (Committee Member)

About this research project

This animation, created by Ariadna Villalbi, includes a series of visualizations that help biology students to understand the difference between the following ‘mental models’ for how conformation and conformational change drives binding:

  1. Lock-and-key (i.e. the simplest analogy used which just gets students to think about shape complementarity)
  2. ‘Induced-fit’ (i.e. the interaction itself ‘pushes’ the bindee into a conformation that is more energetically favorable and stable)
  3. Molecular breathing, conformational landscapes and capturing ‘permissive’ binding conformations


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